Rob & Melena | Downtown Seattle Engagement Photography

Rob and Melena joined me for a rainy Seattle adventure the day after the season’s first chilling snowfall. These two brave souls ventured out to Pike Place, and later Kerry Park, in celebration of their engagement and upcoming summer wedding. Their sweet care for each other even as we faced the elements reminded me of how love carries us through each moment, bringing a beautiful constant to an often unpredictable life. Congratulations Rob and Melena, and thank you for inviting me on this adventure with you!

Becca & Joseph | Edmonds Engagement Photography

Becca and Joseph are seriously the best human beings. Spending a whole afternoon trying to keep up with their witty words and lighthearted laughter was wonderful. I can’t wait for their wedding this April; they’re perfect for each other in every single way, and are examples of what a genuine and caring love looks like. Thank you both for sharing your joy with me as we explored the Edmonds waterfront, and escaped the rain on ferry boats and over Cribbage at Brigid’s Bottleshop.

Derek & Gina | Lake Whatcom Wedding Photography

What an honor to photograph Derek and Gina’s Bellingham wedding on Lake Whatcom. Their relationship began over baseball, and they now celebrate their life together with a contagious joy.

Derek’s mother passed away about a year and a half ago, and their love for her was incredibly present as they themselves were surrounded by loved ones on this meaningful day. Wearing Derek’s mother’s wedding dress, and celebrating their marriage at the lake house where she grew up, made each moment moving and heartfelt. Every thoughtful thing, from sweet handwritten vows, to donuts from Derek’s mother’s favorite shop made this day one that won’t soon be forgotten.

Derek & Gina | Discovery Park Seattle Engagement Photography

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. The joy Derek and Gina feel being with each other is undeniable, and exploring Discovery Park in Seattle was the perfect way to spend a warm afternoon on Memorial Day weekend. These two have the most endearing and fun approach to being together, and getting to be with them felt like hanging out with friends I’ve known for years; easygoing and fun, fully present in the small relaxed moments.  I am so excited to celebrate their wedding day soon!

Sneak Peek | Chris & Deena | Dairyland Wedding Photography

Chris and Deena got married on Saturday! This is the sweetest and most easygoing couple you’ll ever meet. Even with forecasts of 100% rain all day, their Dairyland wedding in Snohomish was pure beauty and joy. From traditional ceremony components like bowing to their parents, to surprise choreographed dances from the groomsmen, this day was full of memorable moments that brought both laughter and tears to those who got to be a part of it. Enjoy this sneak peek – more photos coming soon!

alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-a alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-11 alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-b alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-20 alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-2 alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-3 alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-c alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-7 alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-24 alessandraarendtphotography_copyright2016_chris-and-deena_wedding-sneakpeek_lowresolution-18

Sneak Peek | Graff & Sarah | Discovery Park Seattle Engagement Photography

Graff and Sarah are getting married! We spent the most perfect evening at Discovery Park last week – golden sunshine, a gorgeous sky, and a sunset to rival the best you’ve ever seen (can you spot Mt. Rainier on the horizon?) Yes, that kind of perfect day. I am so excited for these two sweet friends, and am thrilled that they get to spend the rest of their lives together. Stay tuned for more photos from their Seattle engagement session soon!

AlessandraArendtPhotography_Copyright2016_Graff-and-Sarah_Engagement_LowResolution-B AlessandraArendtPhotography_Copyright2016_Graff-and-Sarah_Engagement_LowResolution-A AlessandraArendtPhotography_Copyright2016_Graff-and-Sarah_Engagement_LowResolution-6 AlessandraArendtPhotography_Copyright2016_Graff-and-Sarah_Engagement_LowResolution-C AlessandraArendtPhotography_Copyright2016_Graff-and-Sarah_Engagement_LowResolution-10

Sarah’s red floral shirt comes from Paper Crown – gorgeous!

Daniel & Allie | Green Lake Couple Photography

There is nothing quite as magical as spending a sun-kissed moment with someone you love. I had the joy of meeting Daniel and Allie at Green Lake in the late autumn for some photos at sunset. They express such connection and tenderness towards each other, filling each moment with genuine love. Daniel and Allie’s next fun adventure will be the arrival of their first little one in just a few months! Allie does absolutely gorgeous lettering and design, and you can check out some of her work here. Thank you both for inviting me to share this moment with you!